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Who is Gracie Lou?


The name Gracie Lou comes from the name of my first nephew, Lou, and my niece, Grace. These two littles are the inspiration and reason for Gracie Lou.

Gracie Lou started as a handmade business and has grown into 'A Boutique For Littles'.

When my sister was pregnant with my nephew Lou, she was looking for muted colors, gender neutral, and vintage and handmade items for his nursery. She couldn’t find exactly what she wanted so I got to work making things for his nursery.

Here you can see Lou in his nursery with his paper crane mobile.

Paper Crane Mobile - Gracie Lou - A Boutique For Littles

I also made banners, blankets, crib sheets, fabric swings, and more.

A short time later, my other sister Lisa was pregnant with Grace. I made a few things for her nursery as well including her felt flower mobile, hand knit baby blanket and more.

Both of my sisters loved the items and I loved creating them. I decided to participate in my first vendor event with the business: Gracie Lou. The feedback was amazing and so I continued with vendor shows.

First Vendor Event - Gracie Lou - A Boutique For Littles

In 2022 I opened our first store front in Bedford, Pennsylvania. We continue to travel for vendor shows throughout Pennsylvania and we have also been to Tennessee, Vermont, Connecticut, North Carolina, and New York! 

Grand Opening - Gracie Lou - A Boutique For Littles

I want to thank you for coming along on this journey and I can’t wait to see where Gracie Lou takes us next!

See you soon, 


P.S. In the grand opening picture you'll see Lou, John, and Grace. John wasn't born when I started Gracie Lou, perhaps I'll have to create a "John" collection some day! :)

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