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Introducing Our Newest Partner: The NICU Nursery Project

Gracie Lou is excited to announce we’ve partnered with the NICU Nursery Project! This non-profit is made up of a team of NICU mamas and interior designers who give back to past and present NICU families. They take care of all the families’ nursery essentials — from beautiful decor to cribs to changing stations — including stocking up on diapers and clothes. They also donate design help and items like books, clothes, and more to local NICUs. 

The NICU Nursery Project began after founder Bre experienced her own pregnancy and birth trauma. Between Bre and her daughter, Adeline, they spent 3 months in the hospital fighting for their lives. Bre decided she wanted to combine her passion for interior design with giving back however she could to NICU families. So she launched the NICU Nursery Project last fall and found fellow NICU mama and local interior designer Grace Cousins to partner with on Pennsylvania nurseries.

Bre and Grace are putting the finishing touches on a Pennsylvania nursery now – you can read  more about the Madison project hereGracie Lou is excited to partner with the NICU Nursery Project to donate funds to help build this and future nurseries - for every purchase between now and Tuesday, March 26, Gracie Lou will donate 10% (up to $1,000).

You can learn more about the NICU Nursery Project here, get in touch with Bre here, or donate to help fund nurseries.

Gracie Lou knows how wonderful this community is and is so grateful for your support in this endeavor!

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