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Celebrate 'One Sweet Year' with Gracie Lou in Bedford

Hey There Sweet Friend!

It's so hard to believe that Gracie Lou has been in Bedford for one whole year! Take a look back at just SOME of the things that have happened this year. 

We look forward to celebrating with you Saturday, August 12 from 10am to 5pm at Gracie Lou in Bedford, PA!

You are so appreciated and so loved!

All my best, 


One Sweet Year at Gracie Lou Bedford, A Look Back
Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting Studio 814 WTAJ with Rebecca Petner
Prosecco and Popsicles and Wine and Spirits Walk in Bedford, PA
Pet Adoption at Gracie Lou with donations to Bedford Humane Society
Cookie Crawl in Bedford PA, Winning recipe for Most Creative Monster Cookie
Traveling to Gray Apple Market, Vintage Market Days, Vintage Vibe Market
Help from family in Chattanooga, Tennessee for Vintage Market Days
Holiday Season 2022 with Gracie Lou
Holiday at Omni Bedford Springs Resort
Professional Development in Dallas Texas with The Boutique Hub and Jenna Kutcher
Thank you from Gracie Lou | A Boutique For Littles

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